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2017 Poll Results

? Are you more apt to pursue a larger-sized deal that has less chance to close than a medium-sized deal that is more likely to close?
? Does your company maintain a specific sales enablement or sales productivity position?
? Do you follow quarterly training and development programs?
? Do you feel that you are suffering from technology fatigue?
? Does your organization do a good job of scoring leads?


2014 Poll Results 

? Does your manager seek your input regarding potential new hires?
? Has your company begun to utilize gamification software as part of its salesforce performance approach?
? Do you feel that your corporate website properly conveys the value of the company's offerings?
? Does your sales department utilize a method for lead scoring?
? Do you make your contracts and proposals available online?
? Do you require potential prospects to complete a form in order to access content?
Do your inside sales managers sit with team members or maintain their own office?
? Does your company have a workplace wellness program?
? Would/do you wear a productivity sensor at work?
? Will a bad onboarding process prompt you to consider leaving a new position?
? How many interviews did you complete with your current employer in order to obtain your job?

2013 Poll Results

? Do you keep track of your win rate against individual competitors?
? Does your company maintain a clear set of goals for the first 3 months for all newly hired sales individuals?
? Has your company begun to shift to a model that incorporates a more prominent role for inside sales?
? Do you feel that your sales organization is viewed as a key contributor to overall company strategy?
? Do you feel you are effective at accurately qualifying leads?
? Is your company using Big Data tools to improve sales effectiveness?
? Do you feel you are effective at accessing the primary decision makers in a particular sale?
? Does your company utilize a defined sales process?
? Do you feel that you are effective at unearthing customer problems?
? What percentage of your sales close at the originally forecasted time frame?
? Should the retirement age be moved to 70?
? Do you feel that your business needs a mobile app?

2012 Poll Results

? Have you ever listed someone you don't know as a reference on your resume?
? Does your company use online recognition programs?
? Does your company utilize an internal social network?
? Do you feel that your business has expanded too quickly?
? Do you trust your boss?
? Amazon appears to be working on a smartphone. Good move?
? Would you lie about how much you are making in your current position in order to attempt to increase the amount you make in your next role?
? Yahoo's CEO lied about having a stated degree. Fire him?
? If your employer provides a smartphone do they monitor the applications you utilize?
? Would you be willing to give up your login information for social media sites in order to get a job?
? Are you now required to pay for company items such as a mobile phone or laptop?
? Do you feel that your CEO is relying on methods that may no longer work in the current environment?

2011 Poll Results

? Do you feel that employers are utilizing social media sites as a substitute for reference checks?
? Do you have input regarding the territories you are assigned?
? Have you ever declined to hire someone based on something you found on a social media site?
? Do you scan social media sites to gather information about prospective employees?
? Is customer satisfaction a component of your commission pay?
? Are you satisfied with the achievement awards offered by your company?
? Do you construct a competitor's case against your product?
? Your smartphone is tracking you - often without your knowledge. OK with it?
? Would you be willing to allow your auto insurer to track you via GPS in exchange for lower rates?
? Are paid days off to volunteer important to you?
? Does your sales team have sufficient marketing support?
? Has garnering a commission become the only thing that matters in a sale?

2010 Poll Results

? Is your sales territory defined by geography, vertical, or other?
? Are your sales leaders effective coaches?
? Do you plan to change the mobile operating system you are currently using within the next year?
? Mobile operating system?
? Foursquare and other location-based social networking offerings...
? How many hours per day do you spend playing Facebook games?
? Have you considered deleting your Facebook account due to security concerns?
? Does your company plan to cut health insurance benefits this year?
? Have you ever rehired someone you fired?
? Does your company plan to increase sales quotas this year?
? E-book readers seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Have or want one?
? Do you use your full allotment of vacation time each year?

2009 Poll Results

? Does your company plan to hire new employees during the first quarter of 2010?
? Have you completely eliminated all home landlines?
? Do you watch TV and use the internet at the same time?
? Google was recently forced to reveal the identity of an anonymous blogger. Right decision?
? A recent study found that multitaskers have less focus than previously thought. True?
? Would you take a pay cut to save other jobs in your company?
? Are your happy with your current CRM system?
? How many messages do you leave until you move on from a potential client?
? Is your company using Twitter for promotional purposes?
? Is it OK to check email/other messages during a business meeting?
? $500 K + stock cap on corporate execs who accept bailout money...
? Do you feel you have the right to know what your co-workers earn?

2008 Poll Results

? Are you happy with your assigned sales territory?
? Do you answer calls on your mobile phone while visiting with a customer?
? Resume updates - how often?
? Twitter: Annoying or useful?
? Has your employer offered flexible work options due to rising gas prices?
? Are blogs an important source of information for your decision making?
? Has your current employer asked you to sign a non-compete agreement?
? Is cold calling obsolete?
? Do you like your boss?
? How much effort do you put into learning about a company prior to an interview?
? Are you happy with the benefits your employer provides?
? How many social networking sites do you utilize?

2007 Poll Results

? Have social networking sites helped you increase sales?
? Does your company restrict the use of social networking sites?
? Have you ever fallen asleep at work?
? Video resumes
? Company meetings
? CEO blogs
? CEO compensation
? Should a sales leader have a college degree?
? Company monitoring of online activities
? Workplace gossip
? Company interviews and decision to join them

2006 Poll Results

? Personality Tests
? Email layoffs
? Working on vacation
? Resume length
? Home office
? Vacation days
? Net neutrality
? NTP v. RIM
? Persistent Cookies

2005 Poll Results

? 2006 hiring plans
? Have you lied on your resume?
? Travel required
? Job search length
? Workplace attire requirements
? Employee blogs
? Commute length
? Counteroffers
? Number of companies worked for in past 5 years
? Factors in taking current position
? Hours worked per week
? Factors most important for sales success




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